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Biblically-Based Health and PE Curriculum Homeschoolers Love

Our turnkey platform helps you cover the health credit from a Biblical worldview without putting extra work on your plate

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Curriculum that aligns with your values! 

As a homeschool parent, we know your desire is to have control over what your child is taught so you know it aligns with your values.

You want your curriculum to be Biblically based and easy to apply. 

Many Homeschool Parents Feel Their Health Curriculum Is Incomplete

Homeschooling isn't easy! Helping your kids build a Biblical foundation in their health can be a massive undertaking.

Traditional “health education” programs are a burden and filled with content that doesn't align with your values and forces you to constantly sift through the content to find what is fitting and relevant.


Introducing The F.O.R.M. Curriculum

A Biblically-based health and PE platform that makes learning about health simple and fun for students.


Functional Fitness

Learning how to move well over a lifetime.


Optimal Nourishment

Learning how to enjoy food, while also fueling our bodies.


Rest and Recovery

Learning how to create preventative routines to stay refreshed in our minds and bodies in every season.


Multiplied Maintenance

Learning the foundations of thinking for sustainable growth in healthy living while helping others do the same.

F.O.R.M. Curriculum Features:

Animated Lessons: Cover all the requirements with our 8-12 minute engaging lessons that teach students everything they need to know about how to take care of their bodies. There are 36 modules as of now! We even have interactive learning guides to keep them fully engaged! 

Lesson Guides: Each topic has a parent lesson guide that helps you go even deeper into the topic. With a lesson summary, key takeaways, discussion questions, and action steps every lesson will come alive to students!  

Teaching Slides: These presentations have pre-created slides that teachers can use to go deeper into the lessons. (Coming soon)


Auto-graded Assessments: These assessments solidify what your students learned in the lessons. We also have assessments to track their progress and habits.

Movement videos: These movement sessions will teach your students functional motor movements they can practice to strengthen their bodies. And with our warm-up and cool-down routines, they will learn how to properly warm up and cool down to avoid injury.

Nutrition Challenges: These challenges break down nutrition into a simple framework for students to practice creating healthy meals and snacks.

*Optional resources to cover sex education, substance abuse, addiction, and relationships: Many parents want to cover these topics but don't know where to start. Our resources approach them from a Biblical worldview. We give you resources to guide you at home as your students learn. 

Devotional Guide: Our devotional guide goes along with each lesson and takes your student on a journey to see what the Bible teaches about the topics they are learning.

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Interactive and Engaging

Our interactive curriculum helps students engage with, retain, and build habits around everything they learn.

Completely Turn-key

Your time matters! With highly engaging lessons, inspiring movement videos, and auto-graded assessments you can gain hours back in your day.

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Devotional Guide

Our devotional guide helps students explore what the Bible teaches about health. Each lesson contains a passage of scripture and how to apply that to their life to have a Biblical worldview of health in every season of life.

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